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[sticky post] Guidelines/ Rules & Stuff For Icons... [Feb. 17th, 2012★]
Stefaniekelly Arabella
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Just updated Guidelines/Rules on my icon posts in my journal up to this point.
The basic rules / info. I have written down in posts are...

1. Comments aren't necessary but very appreciated. ...
2. It's not necessary to credit, but please try. ...
I don't own the images I use to make any icons so I don't see why it
would be necessary for others to credit me. However, I think that credits should be placed on images as a way to source where an image on the internet came from. I would really like it for anyone who uses an icon posted by me to credit so others can find the same post where the icon came from, and so the credit can trail back to other places/persons which I have given recognition to.

This is how you can credit if you'd like to link an icon to me:

You can copy and paste this into the
space like in the picture below:
<lj user="Littlefishyface">

*You can click on the picture to take you to Manage Userpics*

3. Don't repost or share as your own...
4. Please don't modify / don't use icons as Bases, without
crediting and commenting ...

I don't mind people editing any icons posted by myself,
just notify me in some way if you are going to do this and credit the post.

*If they are listed as bases, then use as you please.

Some things I haven't always
written down in posts
but would like to let you know ...

1. Sources / images are available upon request ...
Sources are often available at the bottom of a post.
If there isn't anything provided as a source for something
and you'd like to know the origins of it..
try asking.

If you would like to see and/or have the original image of an
image used in an icon but don't see any references in the post..
try asking.

2. If the icons in a post won't all load/show, be patient and wait,
try refreshing the browser, or clear your cache

In addition to this which I've mentioned, I can provide to people who
would like to download a whole post of icons, a .ZIP file of the post..
Just ask.

What do I use to make the icons I post?...
1. Easy Gif Pro Animator 5 ...
I use a paid-version of Easy GIF Animator 5..
Download the
Trial | Buy the Full Version.

2. Pixlr Editor Online ...
I've used 3 of Pixlrs different editors..

Try Pixlr Editor Online | Try Pixlr-O-Matic |
Try Pixlr Express.

3. Adobe Photoshop CS5 ...
I use a paid-version of Photoshop CS5 Extended..
Download the
Trial | Buy the Full Version.

Have a suggestion? Go Here.
Have a question? Go
Send me a personal message directed to "Littlefishyface"